Copyediting & rewriting

Style | Focus | Precision

Plain English copyediting of reports, proposals, papers and books

Should your writing be more concise, have more authority, be more accessible?

Does your draft need copyediting, or rewriting for the web?

I can help

As your professional copyeditor I’ll make your writing more concise, readable and professional, while respecting your voice and the flavour of your words.

Editing technical reports for non-experts

Helping international authors write more fluently

Improving clarity and flow in books and documents.

Rewriting print copy for websites.

Professional copyediting

When writing isn’t your strong suit my professional copyediting can fill the gap. You’ll have:

  • Better phrasing and a clearer message.
  • Plain English writing that’s succinct and memorable.
  • Your words scrutinised for consistency, sense and logic.


Help with rewriting 

It’s hard to rewrite your own copy, whether for a new audience, a smaller space or to suit the way we read on screen.

  • Its too familiar and you can’t see other options.
  • You don’t know what to cut.

I’ll help you prioritise the facts your readers need and de-clutter your message.

Find vocab and style that better suits your audience; make your writing a pleasure to read.

Writing in a second language

If you are multilingual (ESL/EFL) I’m impressed! My professional copyediting service will make British English seem second nature.

  • Your syntax and word choices will mirror that of British English.
  • If you’ve a journal paper, thesis or dissertation to submit and institution rules govern editing intervention I’ll check for errors in line with those rules.

Whether copyedited or rewritten your work will be correct, readable and professional.

Cath Harris is the ultimate professional. She edited my book and her suggestions have improved the final work immensely. Her eye for detail was invaluable. I can’t thank her enough.

PHILLIP VINE, author, Visionary

How much does copyediting and rewriting cost?

Your project is unique and deserves bespoke copyediting or rewriting skills.

It’s length, the service you need and your deadline help determine costs.

Let’s chat about the help you’d like!

Drop me an email, give me a call or whiz me a message outlining your project. And if you can, send your document too, or a representative sample from it.

I’ll get back to you quickly, give you a quote and advise on the next steps!


t: (+44) 7876 303135

Examples of books copyedited or proofread

Environment, sport, general non-fiction

under an orange sky proofreading
Racism at Work Proofreading Cath Harris

I was very fortunate to have Cath Harris assigned to edit my book. Cath sensitively turned my manuscript into a much-enhanced and readable script. She was very efficient and approachable and always aware of the author’s message. A pleasure to work with.

BILL RIBBANS, author, Knife in the Fast Lane

CIEP professional proofreader Cath Harris
PTC professional proofreader Cath Harris