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Freelance copywriter for business, charities, NGOs

A freelance copywriter helps convey your professionalism, competence and credibility.

It could be your blog or website, e-news, articles or case studies.

You can use a freelance copywriter to explain your enterprise in plain English, write business materials or promote a charity campaign.

To ensure a good first impression and inspire the action you want.

Web content writing

Blog writing

Articles & case studies

Environment writing


Ghostwriting & transcribing

Press releases

Copywriting for charities and NGOs

Good copywriting can draw and keep supporters and convince wavering funders.

  • I’ll turn your expertise into plain English.
  • Make your e-news engaging and professional.
  • Promote your initiative with a no-nonsense press release.
  • Follow your brief for articles and case studies.

Web content and blog writing

Websites need words that pull in visitors – fast. Regular blogs make you more visible online.

  • Punchy text for speedy page scanning.
  • The likely keywords of online searches.
  • Your text for print turned into crisp web style
  • Your blog ghostwritten, topical and up to date.

Feature writing for magazines

We don’t read printed text as we read online. Plus there’s a limit on space.

  • News and features in your outlet’s style.
  • Engaging your readers with structured, elegant prose.
  • Interview quotes that add colour.
  • Your wordcount and print deadline met.

Environment writing

Have punchy e-news, no-nonsense press releases, ghostwritten blogs and features.

  • Showcase your conservation wins.
  • Highlight new research.
  • Publicise your campaigns for better protections.

Sports & adventure writing

Crafting the blog about your exploits or a punchy media release fit for the back pages.

  • Grip others with the tale of your challenge.
  • Have spruced-up web pages that lure support.
  • Have a cracking feature for web or print.

Cath has the ability to turn your words into something really special.



Cath has a talent for turning complex science into copy we can all understand.


UN Ambassador for Migratory Species

Cath’s writing for ATW websites is imaginative, original and very professional.


Active Training World

CIEP professional proofreader Cath Harris
PTC professional proofreader Cath Harris