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Freelance proofreading for businesses, authors, NGOs

Errors in copy let you down.

They cloud your message, give a poor impression.

As your CIEP freelance proofreader I’ll spot and fix the flaws in your text.

Your writing will be polished, professional and right.

Websites & blogs


Magazines, marketing materials

Business reports, proposals, plans

Proofreading for business and charities

Your company or charity reports, business plans, proposals or white papers must be professional, consistent and accurate.

Mistakes could send wavering clients and supporters elsewhere.

Professional proofreading protects your reputation and your brand.

Hire me for quality control across your web and print ID.

Checks guaranteed:

    Spelling, grammar, punctuation

    Style consistency

    Graphics & captions

    Layout glitches

    Proofreading for company, NGO and charity websites

    Companies, NGOs and charities with professionally proofread websites rank higher in customers’ minds than rivals whose sites have errors.


    They convey trust and credibility


    They sound authoritative


    Visitors stay longer and are more likely to engage.

    Sales doubled at an online firm after an error was put right.

    Research shows that bounce rate is 85% higher on sites with poor spelling and grammar.

    If your bounce rate rises your Google ranking may fall.

    Checks guaranteed:

    Spelling, grammar, punctuation

    Links and meta data (the text that appears on search pages)

    Style consistency

    Screen-friendly layout

    Book proofreading for authors and writers

    Book proofreading makes your manuscript publication-ready.

    • It’s the final check for those pesky slip-ups that others have missed.
    • It ensures your manuscript is polished and professional.
    • And if you live in Herts or south-east England you’ve the benefit of a book proofreader nearby.

    I’m a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, helping publishers and independent authors prepare their books for readers.

    My proofreading checks for your book

    • Grammar, spelling and punctuation fixes
    • Consistency checks for numbers, capitals, hyphenation, spelling
    • Image, table and figure labelling made consistent
    • Contents page checked against text
    • Omissions and repetition highlighted
    • Layout glitches queried
    • Suggestions and comments clearly marked in Word or PDF
    • A style sheet unique to you, detailing proofreading decisions.

    Academic proofreading

    Academic proofreading helps keep your editor or supervisor happy.

    Tone, style, clarity and flow are key to well-written research.

    Proofreading is a must, too, whether for a research paper, thesis or dissertation.

    It could ensure your paper is accepted for publication or earn you the grade your years of study deserve.

    Can I proofread my own writing?

    Proofreading your own writing is hard.

    You don’t see what’s there: it’s too familiar; errors don’t register.

    Relying on spellcheckers could leave you red-faced: they ignore real words in the wrong place.

    You won’t know until they’re spotted by someone else – after you hit publish.

    I found Cath to be vastly experienced, professional and very approachable. I can’t speak highly enough of this lady because I know what hard work I could be at times, but she always delivered when she said she would.

    ROB SELBY, independent screenplay writer

    Examples of books copyedited or proofread

    Environment, sport, general non-fiction

    one in a million-freelance-proofreader-cath-harris
    Until We Meet Again in Jannah

    How much does proofreading cost?

    Your project is unique and deserves a bespoke proofreading service.

    It’s length, the extent of proofreading required and your deadline all help determine proofreading costs.

    Usually I charge by the hour but project and per-page fees are available too.

    Drop me an email, give me a call or send a message outlining your project and the service you need. If you can, send your document too, or a representative sample from it.

    I’ll arrange a free chat, give you a quote and advise on the next steps!


    t: (+44) 7876 303135

    Absolutely super job by Cath. Constant communication meant we were able to get the book to the printers on a very tight schedule. Very high-quality work.

    sarah juggins

    Co-author, Under an Orange Sky

    Cath undertook a high level review item which I was incredibly pleased with. Professional, courteous and skilled at her craft.

    clare kelly

    Chief of Staff, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire

    This is the first time I have used a professional proofreader and I must say it has been a very pleasurable and worthwhile experience. I admire your great attention to detail and I love the style sheet – so helpful to be alerted to some of my idiosyncrasies. I’m sure I will be in touch with further work in the future.

    deborah southwell

    Master's student

    CIEP professional proofreader Cath Harris
    PTC professional proofreader Cath Harris