Why use an editorial pro – a professional copywriter, copyeditor or proofreader?

Would you tackle the plumbing or try to fix the car without the right skills?

Me neither.

So it is with the words you publish, whether you’re writing from scratch or have text that needs improvement.

You need the help of an editorial pro.

My five-point editorial fix for your business, charity or organisation:

Copywriting for business

Save time and money

Clear, concise, error-free copy for your business website, blog, reports or articles means:

  • your business expained concisely and clearly
  • potential new customers more likely to engage
  • SEO-smart copy and a better online presence.

As your business copywriter with two decades’ experience in journalism and comms I’ll quickly grasp your aims, your tone and voice.

You’ll be free to focus on the bigger industry picture, your written company materials in the hands of a reliable writing professional.

Charity & NGO copywriting

Campaigns and causes better promoted

To attract new backing and media coverage you’ll want:

As a journalist and charity copywriter who’s written about many topics I’ll help make your news leap from a bustling inbox.

No waffle or fluff, just facts in the right order, a quote, a spokesperson and background detail at the ready.

Web page & blog writing

Web content that helps readers and search engines

Your website and blog are your shopfront. But our short attention spans mean website visits could last just eight seconds.

That’s eight seconds to:

  • grab attention
  • answer visitors’ questions
  • avoid the high bounce rate that could knock your Google ranking.

The best website content is easy to scan, useful and optimised for search engines (SEO). It’s layout suits readers’ eye-movement patterns.

I’ll write web copy for you that ticks those boxes: concise but classy language that readers can skim, digest and act on.

Environment & sportswriting

Expertise behind the words

Hire me as your environment writer and I’ll quickly pick up your brief. I’ll unravel the science, legalese or policy-speak and write articles, news or blogs that muster support and inspire action.

As your sports copywriter I’ll get it when you talk physiology or biomechanics, of endurance in adversity, of your determination to cross the line.

My sports science degree and years as a sports journalist and competitor will come into play when you need them most.

Copyediting & proofreading

Professionalism and polish for text already written


Would you meet the Queen without shining your shoes or offer a drink in a smeared glass? Of course you would not; it’s the same with your writing.

My experience as a copyeditor and proofreader means you’ll have professionalism and polish across your web and print ID.

Your writing will flow and be meticulously checked for the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors that erode confidence in businesses, initiatives or campaigns.

Cath has a terrific talent for writing with the voice of an organisation and individual, turning complex and dense research into accessible news on an amazing breadth of areas in no time at all.
SALLY AMBERTON, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford


Blogs, case studies, e-news, features. Press releases that seek out headlines.

Environment writing

Words that inspire. Showcasing your cause or green credentials.

Web pages

Get seen online. SEO-smart web content that reads well and helps draw traffic.

Sports & adventure writing

You’ve won the cup, achieved your goal! How to tell of the trials and triumphs?

Copyediting & rewriting

Re-shaping your draft, re-phrasing, re-jigging. Editing to fit a space.

Professional proofreading

Quality control for web and print. Making your words the best they can be.

Copywriting for Aspire by Cath Harris, Words for Keeps
Copywriting for BGCI by Cath Harris, Words for Keeps
Copywriting for the Church Urban Fund by Cath Harris, Words for Keeps
CIEP professional proofreader Cath Harris
PTC professional proofreader Cath Harris