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Environment and nature writing portfolio


Solved: the migration mystery of a tiny bird

Scientists have tracked the long-distance round trip of Shetland’s red-necked phalarope.

Albatross task force-ath-harris-writing-portfolio

Hope for at-risk albatross

How simple measures could save the 300,000 seabirds killed annually by long-line trawlers.

Birding and cycling around Lake Victoria

Wildlife from the saddle around majestic Lake Victoria

How to combine birding and biking on the shores of Africa’s largest lake.

Where do birds go in storms. ath-harris-writing-portfolio

Where do birds go in storms?

Do they hunker down, fly elsewhere or get stranded? How do they survive?

Beatrix Potter, scientist too-writing-portfolio

Beatrix Potter – expert mycologist, too

The fabled author’s study of fungi was ahead of its time.

Crafting sundials in Wiltshire-cath-harris-writing-portfolio

Dialling in to the sun

How Harriet James uses ancient techniques to make modern sundials.

Birding and cycling around Lake Victoria

Reviving spirits

Sites across the globe are being restored to help nature return.

traditional hedgelaying in norfolk

Hedgerow heaven

Glorious hedgerows crafted in Norfolk using traditional skills.


Reclaiming South Georgia

Rat eradication could save 100 million breeding seabirds.

lead shot poisons wildlife, water and soil but still no UK ban-cath-harris-writing-portfolio

Lead shot poisons wildlife, water and soil

‘Devastating or lethal’ effects on animals but still no UK ban on lead used to shoot.

Straw built houses Lincolnshire the Guardian

Huff and puff but straw houses still stand

A pioneering council is building homes made of straw to cut emissions and reduce heat loss.

how green deal could harm wildlife-bird watching magazine

Green Deal disaster for swifts?

Plugging holes to retain heat could block vital nest sites used by a fast-declining bird.

Sport and adventure writing portfolio


New 25-stage event is spectacular

Pair defy yo-yoing temperatures to win first Loch Ness swimrun race.


Stinting on nothing

Professional stuntperformer Belinda McGinley on Kylie, Keira and 007.


Addict to athlete

Paul Parrish has transformed himself into a multi-sport hero.

Underdogs Dumfries Dolphins in the medals. Swimming Times-cath-harris-writing-portfolio

Dolphins dare to do

Swim club Dumfries Dolphins battles back after pools closed and coaches move on.

Out to Swim LGBTQ+ swim club feature swimming times mag

Calling out inequality

Swim club Out to Swim is spearheading London’s bid for the Gay Games.

North Pole marathon Outdoor Fitness magazine

North Pole bucket list

Bleak and surreal: Chris Petrie’s eight-hour marathon on ice.

Dave Wright no fat triathletes Outdoor Fitness mag

You never see a fat triathlete

‘Just do it, absolutely do it, 100%’, says sportsman and weight-loss champ Dave Wright.

Three lakes swim Redricks Essex Swimming Times magazine-min

Swim race with a difference

Racing belly-flops no longer needed at an exciting three-lake race in Essex.

champion triathlete trace allen runners world

Come-back champion

Trace Allen believes that his passion
for running helped him overcome cancer.


‘I use cold water as medicine’

Duncan Booth found by chance that swimming in local lakes eases the effects of his MS.


360 marathons and more to come

Our passion for running has ‘drawn us together’, say couple.

swimming the Eden river

Project Eden

Three brothers return home to swim the 90-mile river Eden.



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